Epic Karate Kid and jumps

I think there is no better place in El Sauce than Rio Grande, a river about 15 minutes by truck outside the town.

My first time there Rio was not so sweet; I gulped down some water and had a marathon vomit session worthy of a "Jackass" film, which in fact, we agreed it was just about like a skit.

This time, I've been there four times, each just more lovely than before. Cool water, deep pools, and an amazing sky filled with fluffy white clouds you could sleep upon.

I'm taking photos for the tourism cooperative here in El Sauce, because if you show up in the town, you too can swim and jump off the rocks here.

(you should do it).

Yesterday was brilliant with the lighting and the sky and jumping off is always awesome, because you always get a little jump also in the stomach when you look over the edge.

John here took some moments to get the guts to go; he will be on the website for the tours. I love his daredevil arm stretch and Frankling and Mendel cheering him on from the sidelines.

The Karate Kid pose just looks too epic.

Hurrah Rio Grande!

John making a go of it