Unveiling is this Friday


These kiddos get to walk into their own preschool, with a bookshelf and books and laminated learning maps and games and supplies for crafts for their imaginations this Friday!

Someone from the community in Las Minitas is building 2 doors by hand: Cutting down a tee for the wood and hand-crafting two doors. It costs about $40 more than buying it from a place in the city, but I like the idea of having someone from Las Minitas craft the doors that will be on there forever, and in a place where income is very hard to come by, that money will be in the community and with a family there.
I ordered a cake from Erlinda, who will bake one, must be over a fire, since there’s no electricity or stoves.
I go up Friday morning with Frankling at the wheel and Javier to help translate and we will celebrate what solidarity and overlooking obstacles to your dream can achieve!

What seemed like a daunting task of raising $4,500 was done in short order. I know amazing people, and people who I did not know, who all believe in the ability to make some changes yourself.

Dream big peeps; these kids hear you.