Hot (and tasty) stuff

Alcides and his homemade bitter orange vinegar and Nicholas

A few weeks ago, I learned how to make tortillas in Alcides' house. Or, rather, his wife tried to teach me. Mine was still burnt on one side and an off-kilter circle.

They gave it to me to eat with a hard-boiled egg (a first here) and an enchilada .. with some vinegar, chile, garlic, onion concoction that was a tad spicy and somehow sweet(ish).

There's chile on every table here, and I know someone who eats chile on every single thing they eat and never once have I liked it.

This? This, I liked.
I dribbled some then poured it on the egg, the tortilla, the whole enchilada. It made my 'I never want to eat a corn tortilla again' tortilla tasty.

I told him this week how much I loved it. Asked what was in it.

Yesterday, at Nicholas' house, Alcides came over with what once was a rum bottle full of freshly made vinegar concotion, made from "naranja agria," or bitter orange, from his farm.

They don't have much up there, so it was a pretty touching gesture. I feel honored.

And excited to eat it all. Must decide whether to be stealthy, or share.