painting done, Opening party next week!

Joselito putting his hand marks on the school. Photo by Frankling Lopez

The school is painted!
Spent all day Thursday painting the preschool with Sergio, Pedro and two helpers, and left with the blue bottom coat just starting to coat cement.

Go us. Go The Friends Project!

Joselito is in the preschool and despite being super shy he said yes, he wanted to put his hands on the school.

So we painted his little palms blue and his handprints now greet everyone at the door ... a reminder of the little minds that reside there. Who knows what they will do or dream of!

Joselito and I. Photo by Frankling Lopez

Someone from the community is making 2 doors - by hand- and I'm arranging an opening party with some frosted cake (believe me, that's a treat and uncommon sweetness) next Friday.

We will see how the cake fares. In 2011, when we opened the elementary school with Enlace Project, my job was to balance the 2 frosted and decorated cakes in my lap, whilst having pneumonia and bronchitis, on the 1.5-hour-long, four-wheel-drive trek up there.

At one point, i think I nearly launched one of them out the window. Frankling was driving and we cracked up pretty hard.

I'm guessing the same fate awaits me next week.

Photos by Frankling Lopez