One month and three days after my arrival we just drove down from Las Minitas with the masons, who have spent three weeks there.

Today they put the final exterior cement on the school and yesterday the roof.

We are fast moving!

Someone from the community will make two doors out of wood they cut fromtheir farm and we will paint it electric blue and white, same as the Nicaraguan flag.

Alcides and Javier and Paiyo thanked me and us for our solidarity and hard work. They were there every day helping. I don't think any of them have kids in the school even.

I'm now waiting out a downpour with the masons ... too hard to take off the wood from the truck.

It was a long day. Picked them up at 1230 but they weren't done with the final cement and clean up til 5. So I slept in a hammock in the school and ate a banana and took a lot of photos to show when they are uploaded"