A new world below me

There is one place in the world where I can be at peace, slow my bubbling clock down and lose myself from my thoughts.


On a whim I'm in Panama, getting reacquainted with life at 40 very below.

Why have I stayed away so long?

lito was a good dive master, explaining just enough to jog my own memory. Like riding a bike. I snapped on my tank, secured my regulators and checked my pressure and took a boat to a nearby reef.

At first I was too busy following him to explore, but once I realized the reef was to his side I guess I was ready and left to see.

Green corals and sponges. A small sting ray surprised me on the sand floor, skimmering past along the sand. Bright blue fish with flaming yellow tails and on the nips of their neck. One of those sea spider insects.

After a while I slowly turned on my back to see the sun coming through the first feet and shining upon me.

Only saving my flipper, smooth and effortlessly to glide a few feet.

On the way back we stopped at a reef on shore, and I snorkeled just floating over the sponges and small fish. So many blues.

To my right, the wall dropped to 70 feet. A blue abyss of which we barely know anything of, compared to land.