ambulance chasing

Watching the Nicaraguan news at Eskimo, eating guanabana ice cream as the dead bloated and bloodied bodies go by shot by shot.

American news is so sanitized.

Here and other places death seems like a course of life: find a body, post it. People will talk and talk about it. The person. What the scene looks like even as you're watching it.

I remember my first week in Brazil I picked up a newspaper with a back page photo of a severely wounded if not dead robber and 10 guys standing around him with we did this.

I've got it somewhere. It was so shocking in 1991.

Maybe it is working as a reporter and covering murders etc .. I just don't see why not show it. Real life. That's what getting gunned down looks like. Getting blasted by police.

Someone recently talked with me about how in the states everyone strains to see the car crash but try not to look like they are. Here, they don't care.

We walk out.

I announce that despite Granada being maybe smaller than Leon I feel like they are going to run me over.

The next block an ambulance flies up and me and 50 others gather round to see the crew stabilize and take a guy off in a stretcher that had either gotten hit on his cycle or run over a pedestrian.

I took bad snapshots.