What the .....!?!

There once was a sink...

In the last three days, I have watched a guy lift a 100-pound bag of cement with his teeth, learned how to hammer 14 nails at once, rode down a cinder volcano on a wooden board with formica to make me go faster glued to theb bottom of it, narrowly escaped bathroom tragedies on the public bus, and ....
put in my contacts in Xiomara's house, and while doing so, had the sink entirely fall off the wall, including the plumbing fixtures and pipes and the sink and the mirror mounted to it, onto my foot, and break into about 6 pieces.

I just stood there, in disbelief.

Fro quite some time.

then i had to go tell xiomara;

"I have a small problem in the bathroom."
(she thinks it's tummy related).
I point to the kitchen sink? what is this, I say?
The lavamanos.

"The lavamanos. It fell off the wall. All of it."

I have zero idea what happened. and no one else does. Ale and Marcelo come in, eyes wide: I tell them I need to go wash myself in the shower.

"Good luck," says Ale.
Ha! Damn kid!