to throw up, or not to throw up ...

Sean attempts and succeeds at the triple over person jump thingie

that's is the question!

Two years ago, we all went swimming in Rio Grande and I gulped down some water, as I always do. So did Kellan and Yaci.

An hour later, we were all in the back garden, throwing up, me laughing so hard I cried it was so ridiculous, Yaci in the doorway, laying down, moaning, wanting to emit the whatever it was we got, but not being able to, and Kellan and I throwing up nonstop.

Think it was 30x in an hour for me.

Then yaci says we have a going-away dinner for you at Ileanas.



I rallied. Can't believe I made it through the meal. Then went home and packed in the dark but did not do so great in the commute to the airport at 5 a.m.!

this time? i jumped from all the rock cliffs. Many times. I gulped a smaller amount of water.

I was fine!