A great day

Started the day with a 2.5-hour wait at my least favorite spots in any country: the bus station.

Finally got to El Sauce and not enough time to hike to the waterfall so we grabbed friends and went to Rio Grande, where there are 20-foot or so rock cliffs to jump off into the river.

I jumped from every cliff, and despite doing it before, I was nervous as always. First time, me, Frankling and Conrad went together. I screamed. I like to be afraid! haha.

I jumped a ton more, wiggled myself up the pointy rock, and then pussed out just a wee bit when I bit it on the way up, and ended up scrinching off the point instead of trying to stand.

A few years ago i was too wary and ended up slipping off the point at Peroles ...

we laughed, screwed around for hours, and then took off before dark, just as a massive thunderstorm rolled in.

The first rain in 6 months!

It's holy hell hot here, and that was amazing. Lightning in those bolts that touch the ground and light the sky, and a downpour that made the rain stream down the pavement in waves.

We stopped at a roadside something and had a beer, watching the lightning light the sky and listened to the rain hit the alumnimun roof a few feet outside, and run off making glorious, wet puddles an cleaning the dirt off the pick up.

I sat there, watching the purple sky, the first time coldever in Nicaragua, and looked at Lydia.

"This is the perfect day. I love that here, you can leave for a swim and end up riding back in back of a pick-up in a thunderstorm no one expected for a month, and that we're sitting here at the side of the road, laughing our asses off."