We live!

Sobrevivimos!!! Volcano boarding was awesome. Hiking up the most active and largest cinder volcano was just as exhausting as the first time. Looking down 500 meters with a 41-degree slope? Made my heart pitter patter again. Last time I attempted no braking!!! But there's a lip where it gets steepest and from top the slider disappears. I jerked and did the agony of defeat roll ... this time I raised one hand like riding a bull and slammed it. You will know from the blast of ash flying straight at the go pro I remembered to strap to my head.

I felt like I was speed demoning but clocked in at 25 mph toward the bottom.

Took me half the way home to decide the ash black Rock in my hair is in my hair and not embedded in my skull. This us how I know I had a good time.

sadly i canĀ“t get our photos til tomorrow.