Not too strong, but a worker

By the end of the second day of hauling bricks from pile to preschool, soaking them in a barrel, pulling them out by nearly tipping myself into the deep plastic barrel, and then either handing them to the masons or laying them soaking wet around the perimeter, I was exhausted.

That’s tough work, especially in the 98° heat of the Sun for most the day. We had about 6 people working at all times; Sergio and Panchin are paid masons. They make sure we do it right. Sergio is the guy here in orange. Alcir and Javier are making a line for the bricks, and I’m then tossing them gently in the barrel of water.

I told them it was like dunking for apples at Halloween in the U.S. I’m so short I had to stand on a rock and then stick my entire upper body in to grab the bricks. I have tiny bruises where I did that most the day!

So much has been completed already: four walls of bricks about 3 feet high or so. After the walls, they will do the floor, and then we start the roof.

Thanks all of you who are making this a reality!

Oh! We also played games with the family I stay with, and I guess there’s a homemade disco party again next time I show up. Good thing Panchin and Lydia showed me some salsa moves up at the ranchon…