La vida loca?

Lest anyone think all I'm doing here is adventury stuff, today I've spent my entire day at this computer working on emails and looking at flights, eating a mango and wishing I had the muster to walk the 6 blocks to the Puma gas station in 98-degree heat to get a bottle of coconut water for too much money at $4 for a huge thingie, stopping every 20 minutes of the guy's music rotation outside to listen to Daddy Yankee.

I have not combed my hair. I burned my feet on the hot hot hot dirt collecting my underwear I washed on the concrete basin and hung to bake not dry. A chicken is walking by. That's pretty cool. I like the little chicks always pecking by.

They are on a 10-minute pace here. I'm not sure where they are going, but ... haha, there goes the hen with her little chicks again, this time heading toward the drain ditch, almost like clockwork.

I should mount my gopro on their head. See what they are up to.