Shake what your mama gave you

I am elated to say that no matter the country, it seems, my friends are the last to leave the dance floor. Saw an interesting concert last night La Cuneta son Machin at some huge dance club on the beach, then despite aching feet from dancing in the sand, danced til like 4 a.m. to everything that came on, from Sean Paul and DMX and Macklemore to Beyonce and Mark Anthony and Pitbull (whoo!), and tons of Latin stuff and reggeaton I have no idea what it is but likethe heavy grinding beat.

Because I couldn't really move my feet in the sand, i was forced to use my hips and think I advanced about 80 percent in nailing this latina style down. (despite not having a butt to do so).

At the end of the night, this beautiful woman came up to me, smiled, asked where I was from and said she was from Cuba and would I be here tomorrow, and when I said no, she made a frown and pointed at me dancing and gave me a thumbs up.

Not sure if it was for trying for style, but I was sure proud! Ha!