gimme the dirt.

I've always hated showering.
It's annoying.
I don't want to take my clothes off, put them back on.
When I'm sick, I stay as disgusting as I possibly can, til the sweat coats me like a filmy base layer, and it's finally time to disrobe and get cold.


Going on no water for something like a week here in El Sauce.

Been taking "hooker" baths from a bucket and using a smaller bowl to pour the cold water over me to rinse ... and release the melting heat from the day.

which you can tell means I've finally grown to relish that "shower." Been doing it maybe even twice a day. Un milagro! haha.

Lights are back on, and so is the wifi in the office at Enlace after several days.

And I'm half clean. Was not that worried of the grime after a full day in Las Minitas and hours riding in the back of a pick-up to actually disrobe all the way.

Which end? you choose. haha.