Bienvenidos mi amiga

Rolled into town and first thing out, we rode up to Las Minitas and beyond to Cerro Colorado for a meeting of the basket-making cooperative.

There are so few people up there I know many; they are my friends.

We pull up and there's Alonso, who saw me fall off his horse and who we are helping in college, trotting on his horse up the mountain.

Hey Alonso!

Our next stop, my mom up there Anunsciacion, steps forward and as I climb out of the truck she gives me a big hug and says, You are here. Dancing!

Yes, of course. We will dance!

Last year, they surprised me with a makeshift dance in their house — more and more kids and people filling the small porch and then, when I left to use the outhouse, someone moved the single table in the house and put on a radio powered by a car battery...

But Enrique desribes it better:

We were eating our food and we were ready to go to sleep, and a kid comes looking just for Kris. Then another. And more. soon the whole of the patio is full of people and when she goes to use the bathroom, someone comes with a radio and they make party there. Dancing until late at night on Monday just to dance because she is there - they know she loves to dance!

Everyone I met waved and hollered and it felt like a second, or third home.

How amazing in this world, that I can come from thousands of miles and truly a world away and yet in the end none of that "stuff" matters.

We are people out there, getting to know each other, respect each other and make a friendship

So yeah. When we made a quick climb of the summit to look out East over Momotombo volcano and beyond, I made sure to yell at the top of my lungs: